Nearly 30 new songs added to Pulsen since release


Pulsen isn’t out of its Early Release phase on Steam yet, but that hasn’t stopped 4-Panel Footprint from releasing two new batches of songs for owners to enjoy.

Through the holiday season, the developers officially carried the title over to version 1.1, which added 14 new songs to the mix at no extra cost. Version 1.1 also makes a number of small improvements to the game’s layouts, adds mouse functionality and tightens up a few of the game’s charts and functions.

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As the game progresses, the development team recently reported it is focusing on more songs, a free DLC pack, its new web site, staffing, new modes, polish, background animations and solidifying a release date. John Vulgus took to the Steam group and said the goal is to have 75-80 songs by default in the full release of Pulsen. Vulgus added the team is amid the development of its planned Hopscotch Mix DLC, which will feature an estimated 30+ new tracks for the game.

It was also reported a lot of work has gone into the official Pulsen game web site, which will also be updated as the game progresses. In other updates to the team, Vulgus reported a new senior programmer has been brought on to keep the team’s Steam integration rolling, which should eventually include achievements and trading cards once the scope of the game is realized. Steam Works is also being considered for the game title.

Vulgus also reported the team is toying with ways to implement challenge, tutorial and workout modes, but confirmed the team decided not to implement any sort of story/adventure mode. It was reported the resources necessary for a story mode were high, and player feedback indicated it was a low priority. The challenge mode hasn’t been finalized either, but Vulgus said the team is leaning toward the style of the Pump it Up quest mode or the DDR Extreme mission mode in its implementation.

Vulgus said the scope of the project has grown since the beginning, meaning a later release, but a game with more quality and content. The current time frame given at this point is a first-half 2016 release.

Outside of the main game, the title has also seen its first paid DLC release, which adds 15 tracks from the artist Souleye at the price of $5.99.

Catch previews of the song-related additions in Pulsen in our video below:

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