Crowdfunding campaign launched for “The FP” sequel


Jason Trost, coming off the DVD release of his movie “How to Save Us,” has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a sequel to his cult-hit movie “The FP.”


“The FP” came about as an idea from Trost while growing up and playing Dance Dance Revolution in Reno, NV and became a reality approximately five years ago. The premise had two future gangs battling over the turf of Frazier Park in “Beat-Beat Revolution” contests.

In his Indiegogo campaign, Trost stated the movie was not a financial success, but his goal with it was to create a cult classic. He believes through the support of fans, he achieved that and is asking those fans to make a sequel possible.

“Beats of Rage: The FP Part II” received a teaser trailer and is featured on the Indiegogo campaign page. The movie description has JTRO and KCDC questing deep into The Wastes to compete in the Beats of Rage touranment to battle the lord of the Wastes, AK-47.

The current campaign has a goal of $100,000, which Trost says will be used to make sure the movie is completed as intended. The funds will also take into account necessary items such as pitching the movie at film festivals and publicizing the film.

Of course, funding the campaign comes with perks, and, as of Feb. 4, the campaign is nearly at 10 percent of its goal with two months left to go.