PM Studios and Acttil ‘satisfied’ with Worldwide SUPERBEAT Response, DLC detailed


PM Studios and Acttil announced SUPERBEAT: XONiC players in North America can expect DLC tracks on Feb. 23.

Three music packs will be made available on the Playstation Network on that date, priced at $3.99 each. Each pack features three new songs, adding a total of nine tracks to the game at the end of the month.

Packs lined up for the February release include:

7’s Rebirth

1. “Antikithera” – 7 Sequence
2. “Rackin’ Gravity” – 7 Sequence
3. “DINO” – Cranky

Guilty Gear x XONiC

1. “Starry Story”
2. “Jack-a-Dandy”
3. “Big Blast Sonic”

Magical Blaze Collection

1. “BLUE desire~Blazblue”

Three more packs are lined up for May, slated with a tentative release date of May 16:

Cranky’s Pick

1. “Danger & Danger”
2. “Into the Unknown”
3. “Conflict”

Long Live Collection

1. “Timeline~Extended”
2. “All Night Long~Extended”
3. “No Way Out~Extended”

Extra Collection

1. “TUNTUN-MOONLIGHT~Magical Beat”
2. “Libera Me”
3. “Party 4U”

With support for the game continuing a few months after its release, was also able to get a few additional words from PM Studio’s Michael Yum on how players worldwide have responded to the title.

Bemanistyle: What has the team’s response been to the support and nominations the title has received?

Michael Yum: We couldn’t have been any happier and really grateful for the amazing response. Everyone was really worried about how to follow up with DJMAX and Technika and it was great to see that people enjoyed the game.

BMS: Last year saw the arrangement of XONiC THE LIVE – what was the response to that event? Is there talk of any future events?

MY: XONiC THE LIVE was the follow up to DJMAX’s Miracle Event. We wanted to throw the event and support the fans as much as we could so we came up with some cool prizes to give away. The response was great, I believe we filled the capacity and got all the musicians there and even had Sony support us with some DLC previews. We would love to throw another event perhaps in a different country but nothing is planned yet.

BMS: Last time we talked, I believe the game had only released in North American and Korean territories. How did the European and Japanese release fare for you?

MY: The launch went very well in Europe and Japan as well. Both Rising Star Games and Arc System works did an amazing job with their launch campaigns and really helped us get the game out there. I think it’s safe to say that Korea will always be the main sales point for these types of games but overall we are extremely satisfied and very happy to finally launch in Europe, NA and Japan.