Note, lane, and timing adjustments now available in MÚSECA, along with other improvements!


During this week’s BEnama broadcast, a major system update was announced for KONAMI’s latest BEMANI game, MÚSECA.

After a lot of user requests regarding difficulty in navigating the menus and reading the notes, KONAMI listened. You can now:

  • Change the lane arrangement between -_-_- / —–
  • Toggle the “curving” of the lane on or off

In addition, there have been many changes made to the UI and menus, making for an overall better experience. The song selection screen has been sped up and made less laggy, plus the Grafica selection has been vastly improved and simplified.

One other change – the sound that you hear when a note is “hit” has been adjusted to make it seem earlier. There were complains that it was “late” before, so this is another welcome change.

Have you played MÚSECA? If so, how do you feel about the game’s UI? If you have a chance to play before and after this update, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Edit: We previously reported that you could change the timing, note colors and lane darkness. These features were not yet implemented. The lanes are dark by default now.