Weekly BEnama news – SDVX and IIDX figures, IIDX ASC price, and more!


BEnama, or BE生, is KONAMI’s weekly information livestream where they showcase new songs, game updates, and more. There was plenty to talk about this week!

In the jubeat corner, a new “BisCo selection” jbox pack was announced, and a much-asked question was answered: Emblems and jbox parts will all transfer over to the next version, jubeat Qubell. Speaking of Qubell, it’s likely to be detailed more within the next few weeks. I’ll have the latest information on that for you as soon as it’s available, including Location Test news.


Next up, a special Valentine’s Day Hinabita campaign was announced in which you can send a song from the Chocolate Smile Girls!! album to a friend for free. Let’s try it, meu!!


And just when you thought figure maker EIKOH was done making BEMANI goods… 3 new figures!!! All 3 of them will be on display at next weekend’s JAEPO expo, in the EIKOH booth. Presumably, they will be available as UFO catcher (crane game) prizes in the coming weeks or months. Plan your trips to Japan accordingly.

SDVX Figure Collection Vol.2 RASIS 


SDVX Figure Collection Vol.2 RASIS and Vol.3 GRACE — two separate figures which link together!


IIDX Figure Collection Vol.2 (HIFUMI)

Prices of the figures are still up in the air.

There will also be plenty more goods available for purchase at the EIKOH booth including:


BEMANI Series Can Badges Vol.2 – about 2 inches in diameter


BEMANI Series Acryllic Keychains – about 3 inches tall


TAMAneko Plush Set of 2


PASTEL-kun “Surprisingly BIG” Plush – 2 feet tall!


And finally, the announcement of the new beatmania IIDX Arcade Style Controller’s price – 29,800円, (before tax) or roughly $260. Shipping is not included. It is available to pre-order now at Konamistyle.


But of course, it’s hard to commit to buying something, especially an ASC, without seeing or testing it out, right? To cover this, KONAMI will have IIDX INFINITAS with the ASC playable at JAEPO. I’ll be there to cover the event, try the controller, and give you a preview of the controller itself.

One final note: Song previews for Disc 2 of IIDX copula’s OST are now available to listen to on Konamistyle’s official Youtube channel.

So, which item(s) are you opening your wallet for right now? Sound off in the comments section!