Weekly BEnama news #121: New songs, albums, and games!


BEnama, or BE生, is KONAMI’s weekly information livestream where new songs, game updates, and more information is showcased. What happened this week? Let’s take a look.

(Due to technical difficulties, this week’s stream did not air on YouTube – only NicoNicoVideo.)

This week’s guests were wac, Sota Fujimori, and 松下 (Matsushita). Those three discussed Matsushita’s 3rd album, ご注文は松下のあとでwhich was released today. A track listing and details can be found here. The album also has a Special Edition with a DVD included.

The album also comes with 1 of 5 randomly chosen rubber cell phone straps, seen above.

To celebrate the album’s launch, the following song is now playable in Pop’n Music, REFLEC BEAT, BeatStream, and DanceDanceRevolution.

  • きゅん×きゅんばっきゅん☆LOVE / 松下feat.Sota & wac


Following that was just a recap of the JAEPO schedule, along with a quick tour of the new JAEPO x BEMANI page.

From there, Sota and wac gave us a quick preview of the two just-announced BEMANI games, Otoiroha and Nostalgia.


Here’s the teaser website for Otoiroha. No new information was announced, but we got a new look at Shibasaki, one of the game’s mascots. Check out our Otoiroha page, which will be updated with information as it’s made available!


Here’s Nostalgia’s teaser website, with just the image above for now. And here is our Nostalgia page, to be updated with new information as it comes.

In the MUSECA corner, two songs which were announced last month will now be playable at JAEPO:


  • エルシュキガル / Noah
  • Capitalism Cannon / O2i3

After a quick ranking recap, the focus turned to Konamistyle and “TanakaNet’s Shopping Show.” Today, Hinabita♪ Five Drops 05 -bergamot mint- Rin Shimotsuki was released, completing the 5-part mini-series.


That’s it! This week’s BEnama was a bit short, most likely due to the upcoming SPECIAL broadcast at JAEPO. Everyone should be able to watch it, since it will happen this Saturday morning JST (Friday night @ 8:30ET, 5:30PT) Here’s the upcoming stream:


I’ll be providing updates from JAEPO/KAC this weekend via the bemanistyle Twitter, so keep an eye out there for the latest information, including an exclusive look at the two newly-announced games! See you!