JAEPO2016 Day 1 Quick Report




“JAEPO? What’s that?” It’s short for” Japan Amusement Expo” an annual event where arcade game makers, prize manufacturers, and other related industry exhibitors gather to share and sell the latest games and other products.

This year we were surprised by the announcement of TWO brand new BEMANI titles: おといろは (Otoiroha) and ノスタルジア (Nostalgia)!


Otoiroha uses 4 jubeat-style buttons plus two vertical sliders that you lift up to hit side notes/patterns.

Nostalgia, on the other hand, is a piano-style game being considered the spiritual successor to ancient BEMANI game KEYBOARDMANIA.

In addition to those titles, we saw the final production cabinet for CYTUS Ω from CAPCOM. It is based on the crossbeats REV cabinet, with various changes and refinements. If you haven’t played or aren’t familiar with the mobile version, gameplay involves tapping notes on a touchscreen when a line passes over them – very similar to DJMAX TECHNIKA.


Speaking of crossbeats REV, the game’s second version was unveiled at a press event during the show. Honestly,  not much has changed aside from the interface and cabinet art/design, but there were some new songs available.


Taito’s updated Groove Coaster 3 was there as well, with Final Fantasy Theatrhythm strangely not present.

We’ll have a full review of all the games and more up next week, so be sure to check back then!

Later today, KAC part 2 will be held, so be ready for some announcements and be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates!