Today, Ryutaro Nakahara, known by his artist name Ryu☆, released a pair of albums, Ryu☆BEST STARLiGHT, and Ryu☆BEST MOONLiGHT. These two albums celebrate his long career which shows no signs of slowing down.


Both releases have 2 CDs included, with 20 songs on each disc. Both albums also include a limited-edition cellphone strap/keychain, seen below.

ryu moon star













In addition to those, various other benefits are available from other retailers, such as this alternate jacket design for MOONLiGHT:


Another retailer is offering this alternate jacket for an older album, Rainbow Rainbow, plus a shiny calendar set – take a look at those below.

Special Remix CDs and a Nonstop Megamix are also offered from other retailers.

These aren’t just simple “best-of” compilations, either. On STARLiGHT, every track is remastered and cut differently from all previous versions. There is also a brand-new track, appropriately-named STARLiGHT, as well as 5 excellent remixes from other BEMANI artists:

  • Line 4 Ruin (kors k Remix)
  • Second Heaven (P*Light Remix)
  • 405nm (Hommarju Remix)
  • Plan 8 (RoughSketch Remix)
  • (dj TAKA Remix)

MOONLiGHT’s focus is non-BEMANI works like anime/pop remixes, collaborations, etc., but also features a brand new track, named, of course, MOONLiGHT. There are also two highly-requested full versions included:

  • Genesis At Oasis / 白龍    (from REFLEC BEAT groovin’!!)
  • Eclipse Zero / tūmahaB    (from REFLEC BEAT groovin’!! Upper)

Both albums come in a harder, premium shiny case, gold for STARLiGHT, and silver for MOONLiGHT.


These are almost impossible to photograph. Their true beauty can only be seen in-person. The albums feature a special vertical case, and each disc’s color is slightly different.



Ryu☆ himself has also written new comments/notes for every one of the 80 songs in these releases, a sample of which can be seen below.
A crossfade preview of both albums was uploaded to YouTube.