SUPERBEAT XONiC DLC Packs 1-3 are Now Available!


Excited to get your hands on more XONiC tracks? SUPERBEAT XONiC Songs DLC Packs 1-3 will be available today in PlayStation Store! The packs are now available in the UK and the North American fans will soon see them later in the day. The packs will be available for $3.99/3.99€ each. Keep ear to our twitter, we’ll be giving away a few copies of SUPERBEAT XONiC later this week!

7’s Rebirth

  • “Antikythera” – 7 Sequence
  • “Rackin’ Gravity” – 7 Sequence
  • “DINO” – Cranky

Guilty Gear x XONiC

  • “Starry Story”
  • “Jack-a-Dandy”
  • “Big Blast Sonic”

Magical Blaze Collection

  • “BLUE desire~Blazblue”
  • “THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC~Magical Beat”
  • “MAGICAL GREETING~Magical Beat