Weekly BEnama news #122: Hinabita event, crossover events, and more!


This week’s BEnama discussed a variety of topics, the first of which was the new Chikuwa Princess cross-game event and collaboration with Hinabita.


The event website mentions that by playing jubeat, GITADORA, MUSECA, pop’n music, and REFLEC BEAT, you can earn stamps on your “Hinabita Employee Card” to unlock special songs from the Five Drops series of Hinabita singles released over the past few months.


Inputting a serial code from those singles also earns you a special unlock as well!

A quick recap of KAC congratulated the winners and showed a few pictures from the live stage event:


Next up, a POLICY BREAK and FLOOR INFECTION was announced between SOUND VOLTEX and REFLEC BEAT!



After the announcement of DDR A (Ace), a preview song was announced for DDR2014:


But suddenly, a second song was announced! This one, a crossover/remaster of a song from jubeat!


Next up, 5 songs were announced for MUSECA, from the Hinabita 5 Drops series (one per character/disc).



Surprise bonus guest PON joined Mr. Tanaka at this point to reveal a new area for Pop’n Star Maker, “Kuranogawa City.” Hinabita and Coconatsu character medals can be obtained here!

popn new


The next information was the announcement of a new system similar to SDVX Floor and MUSECA Compe, Pop’n Creator’s Party!

popn create


This will allow players to vote on the next upcoming songs, but also function as a new central point for players to submit their art/music/etc for future contests, the first of which is this pixiv collaboration, which also applies to MUSECA and SOUND VOLTEX:


The following 3 songs were teased – and are now looking for characters to be submitted:

After a quick recap of the Monthly Check! Songs Ranking, the new IIDX ASC was revealed to be 76% funded.


As a reminder, if this doesn’t reach 100% before 3/6, all preorders will be refunded and the controller will not be produced.

Finally, some news regarding the upcoming EDP (Exit Tunes Dance Party) Live Event… a special “World Champion Exhibition” will take place featuring the champions of SOUND VOLTEX from KAC and Otogesai Tenkaichi. The event will also be broadcast across Japan at select arcades.



And while not part of BEnama, yesterday 5 new Touhou songs and a new Appeal Card set were announced for SOUND VOLTEX:

That’s it for this week! Are these updates and additions useful? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter!