KONAMI Arcade Championship Report (part 2 @ JAEPO) + BEMANI Special Live!


This is the second part of our KAC2016 report series, after Part 1 @ Tokaigi!

This past Saturday, the 2016 Konami Arcade Championship was held at JAEPO – Japan Amusement Expo. The venue was the same as usual, Makuhari Messe Convention Center, in Chiba. Finals for the following 7 games took place on two separate stages:

  • BeatStream
  • GITADORA GuitarFreaks
  • DanceEvolution
  • GITADORA DrumMania
  • DanceDanceRevolution
  • beatmania IIDX




The first event up before the KAC Finals was a quick BEnama (Special Business Trip Edition) live broadcast in which Konami’s two new games, Otoiroha and Nostalgia were discussed and demoed, among a few other things. Following that, well…I’m sure someone out there is wondering about Mahjong Fight Club, right? The winner was Burezza (ぶれっざ), and a few details of the now-released new version of Mahjong Fight Club ZERO were revealed. A short promotional video was uploaded here.


The first BEMANI title up was BeatStream: AnimTribe, featuring special guests A応P and Qrispy Joybox. Unfortunately, it seemed like one of the cabinets had some technical difficulties and was not picking up input properly. Due to this, the finals had to be played one person at a time, instead of 2 players versus eachother. Because of this, the event ran longer than scheduled.

In the final round, a “SUPER COMMAND” was input to reveal the final song: CHERNOBOG / 漆黒のEBONY.




Hey, no one says you can’t use your nose to hit a note, right? Although the competitors’ scores on the first two songs were extremely close, it was MIZURIN’s victory on this final song that earned him the championship over 2nd place HAKU.



After the trophy plaque was given out, a few announcements were made. First, the Local Matching/Friend mode will return after being absent since December brought AnimTribe’s update online.


In addition, a new mode or feature will also be added. Secondly, the KAC final song will be unlockable soon, as well as a new song featuring/by Cuvelia!


At the same time as BeatStream’s finals were being held, the GITADORA: GuitarFreaks finals were also happening on the adjacent stage. Special guests 96 (Kuro) and 肥塚良彦 (Koezuka Yoshihiko) were present to commentate. The first round of semi-finals was quite a show as competitors 栗坊 (Kuribou) and (´・ω・`) (GIL) showed the crowd the true meaning of WAILING BONUS!

freak wail

In the final battle, a brand-new song was revealed – Blaze / Godspeed


The winner by a landslide was (´・ω・`), a.k.a. GIL!

winner gil JAEPO KAC 11

As that was wrapping up, the finals for DanceEvolution were underway!  Instead of going by score, the semi-finals and finals were both judged by a panel of the game’s choreographers and dancers, including – yep, you guessed it – Dai, Yossy, and TAG.

Although all dancers were extremely talented, after careful consideration, AmiNa was crowned champion!

Immediately afterwards, CHALLENGE12, the latest in the series of unlocks was announced – 無双 / SOUND HOLIC Vs. VENUS feat. Nana Takahashi.



The next game up was GITADORA: DrumMania, with special guests 泉 陸奥彦 (Mutsuhiko Izumi) and 肥塚良彦 (Koezuka Yoshihiko).

In the final round, Stellar Notes / setsat was revealed.



Although he was behind on the first song, TRAINMAN‘s victory over A様 (Mr. A) on Stellar Notes resulted in his championship!

Finally, both GITADORA finals songs were announced to be available starting Feb. 22nd.



As the DrumMania finals were finishing up, Dance Dance Revolution started on the adjacent stage. Special guests 柊木りお (Hiiragi Rio), TAG, and U1-ASAMi took the stage.


Players chose three of the hardest songs to play: Valkyrie dimension, EGOISM440, and PARANOiA Revolution. Surprising almost nobody, dance master FEFEMZ was crowned champion after a substantial victory.

Then some major news…DDR will not die off quietly as some may have speculated due to lack of updates. Instead, DDR A (Ace) was announced to be coming soon!



Halfway through DDR’s stage, beatmania IIDX’s finals started. In the final round, a new collaboration song from the three special guests was announced – Godspeed / dj TAKA xxx 猫叉Master xxx L.E.D. According to them, this song was made as a sort of “ending theme” for the first part/season of copula.


After skipping last year’s KAC, DOLCE (KA) returned this year and, living up to everyone’s expectations, was crowned champion.





For beatmania IIDX, many announcements were made. The first was the ability to unlock Godspeed through an EXPERT course:


Next, STARLiGHT / 星龍 from Ryu☆’s album of the same name is also unlockable via an EXPERT course, “SAY RYU” (a pun on Ryu’s alias Seiryuu, 青龍)


Finally, 3 songs from the Exit Tunes album ravemania were added into the game. Violet Pulse / G.K is in the default songlist, and the other two are unlockable in their own EXPERT courses.


The courses were activated as soon as the announcement was made. They can be seen below:


Details on final scores and ranking for each game as well as a video archive can be found here:

After KAC itself wrapped up, the BEMANI SPECIAL LIVE in JAEPO2016 started, which can thankfully be seen archived below:

JAEPO Live 01JAEPO Live MM 06 JAEPO Live MM 05 JAEPO Live 25 JAEPO Live 05 JAEPO Live 06 JAEPO Live 07 JAEPO Live 08 JAEPO Live 10 JAEPO Live 11 JAEPO Live 12 JAEPO Live 13 JAEPO Live 15JAEPO Live 20JAEPO Live 18

A full setlist is as follows:

  1. In The Breeze / 96 & Sota ft. Mayumi Morinaga
  2. DEMON SLAYER / 96 vs. Mutsuhiko Izumi
  3. 追想 – SHINY DAYS – / 小寺可南子
  4. Just Believe / 小寺可南子
  5. はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ / A応P
  6. 全力バタンキュー / A応P
  7. トキメキストリーム / Qrispy Joybox
  8. birth / Yu_Asahina
  9. TSUBASA / 柊木りお featured by TAG
  10. AWAKE / 柊木りお featured by TAG
  11. I’m so Happy / Ryu☆
  12. 罪と罰 / Xceon feat. Mayumi Morinaga
  13. Nightmare before oversleep / 猫叉Master
  15. Spring Comes Around (In Like a Lion) / Sota Fujimori Rmx by wac
  17. Elemental Creation / dj TAKA meets DJ YOSHITAKA


And there you have it – KAC2016. Our next event report will be on EDP – Exit Tunes Dance Party 2016. GET READY.