Rocksmith 2014 DLC “Rocksmith Goes To The Movies Song Pack” Now Available


This Rocksmith 2014 DLC pack is a bit of a big one for myself and our other Associate Editor, Mike Sullivan. We’re huge movie guys and this latest pack has everything a movie buff needs and then some. Learn to play 5 classic movie themes from Superman, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Back to the Future! “Superman – Main Title,” “Jurassic Park – Theme,” “A Knife In The Dark,” “Batman – Theme,” and “Back To The Future” will be available today on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam exclusively as a 5-song pack titled “Rocksmith Goes To The Movies.” The songs will be available tomorrow for players in territories in the EU PlayStation Store due to differences in publishing times. See the tunings and arrangements below.

“Superman – Main Title” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Jurassic Park – Theme” – E Standard – Lead; Drop D – Rhythm/Bass
“A Knife In The Dark”– Drop D – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Batman – Theme” – E Standard – Lead/Alt Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Back To The Future” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass


So yeah, be right back after we play the Jurassic Park theme over and over until our fingers fall off.