Audioshield is A Rhythm Action Game for Virtual Reality and It’s Coming to Steam


Audioshield is a new rhythm title from Indie developer Dyan Fitterer, and it is coming to Steam next month. Dylan Fitterer first created Audiosurf back in 2008 and it blew everyone away as it incorporated your own music library from your computer to play in-game. Working on Audiosurf 2’s music analysis system, Audioshield provides motion-control rhythm action gameplay for whatever songs you choose to feed it, either in your local library or streamed from SoundCloud. HTC Vive seems to be the only VR headset supported for now.

The concept is straight forward. The player is given two shields, one in each hand, represented by the Vive controllers. The left hand shield is blue, and the right hand shield is orange. You can also combine them by holding them in front each other (or by pressing a button) to create a purple shield that you need occasionally throughout tracks. Multiple audio file extensions are acceptable also, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC and more. Like Audiosurf, every song has its own online and local leaderboards, and gameplay varies depending on the song’s tempo.

Audioshield heads to Steam this April.