Thumper is Coming Soon and Will be Compatible with PlayStation VR


Thumper is coming this year for PS4 and PC, but what everyone didn’t know is that developers at Drool are making the game PlayStation VR compatible announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The game puts players in the role of a space beetle making its way towards a giant head frequently labeled at ‘Crakhed’. It uses simple controls, but pushes the sense of speed and physicality of the player to “extremes you’ve never felt in a rhythm game before,” according to Drool’s Marc Flury. That statement is no joke.

Thumper was announced last June and has been on my watch list for awhile now. Getting to play it at E3 with the music blasting in my headphones made the game that much better and mesmerizing on ways that made me want to keep playing. According to developer Marc Flury, Thumper‘s gameplay “translates perfectly” to virtual reality and “transforms the experience” in ways you wouldn’t expect and they weren’t even sure whether Thumper would be a good fit for VR in the first place.

That said, the game will be playable both in 2D and in virtual reality. So you’ll be able to play Thumper regardless of whether you own a PlayStation VR headset or not.

In the trailer, look closely, you’ll notice a few new gameplay mechanics that will be out to kill you that have been recently added. In early levels, your beetle’s movement is limited to a single high-speed lane. But as the difficulty rises, you’ll slide and switch it up across multiple lanes of rhythmic cues and obstacles. Check the new trailer below and let us know in the comments how raw this game is.