Weekly BEnama News #123: VOLZZA2, Qubell, AnimTribe details, and more!


BEnama, or BE生, is Konami’s weekly livestream that showcases what’s new or what’s coming soon to various BEMANI games. This week’s was the 123rd episode and special guests DJ TOTTO, Des-ROW, あさき (Asaki), and visual-kei vocalist 剣 (Sadie) joined our usual host Tanaka-san to talk about GITADORA and REFLEC BEAT


First up was GITADORA news. A new Asaki song with vocals by Sadie was added to GITADORA today, as well as REFLEC BEAT plus. It will also be playable in the upcoming VOLZZA2:

  • 透明はまだらに世界を告げて / あさき×剣


The song is also available to download for free from Konami’s 着信★うた♪ digital delivery platform.

Did we mention VOLZZA2? Because Konami did. DJ TOTTO and Des-ROW joined the stream here and we got a preview of the logo and title screen:



In addition to that, a new “Top Assist” option that you can toggle on or off was introduced. It seems like this will not only make the timing for Top notes easier, but also provide a large hit zone, seen below:



A new My Course mode was also shown, which acts similar to Expert/Dan mode in other Bemani games – you choose 4 songs, and only have one life gauge. Another feature, Skill Points, allows for some kind of customization such as name plate, colors, etc:

And finally, the songs! 9 new licensed songs will be playable in VOLZZA2:

  • ギミチョコ!! / BABYMETAL
  • Preserved Roses / T.M.Revolution×水樹奈々
  • ふ・れ・ん・ど・し・た・い / 学園生活部
  • アシタノヒカリ / AAA
  • リクライム / ROOKIEZ IS PUNK’D
  • プライド革命 / CHICO with HoneyWorks
  • 混ぜるな危険 / 筋肉少女帯
  • ダイバー / KANA-BOON


In the coming weeks, we should have much more information on this update.

Next up was DDR, with – surprise! – U1-asami himself making a special appearance to introduce the 3rd DDR A preview song announced – siberite / Captain KING:


In a quick Jubeat news corner, the 龍と少女とデコヒーレンス Jbox selection was announced to be obtainable between 3/10 and 3/17:


One more teaser for the upcoming Jubeat Qubell: the Opening songs for popular/classic anime series Lucky☆Star and K-ON!! will be playable:

  • もってけ!セーラーふく / 神前暁
  • GO!GO!MANIAC / 放課後ティータイム

After that, a new song was revealed for Pop’n Music eclale’s Star Factory:

  • 巻寿司戦隊ウマイヤン ~コードネームはグリーン~ / 七誌


The character, “Tanaka-san,” is reportedly unrelated to our host, Tanaka-san!

The focus then turned to BeatStream AnimTribe – where a new BEAST CRISIS event will start today. This will allow players to use a new Hard Gauge to fight a mad scientist and gain rewards, such as the KAC finals song CHERNOBOG / 漆黒のEBONY:



Finally, a few shots were shown from last weekend’s EXIT TUNES DANCE PARTY 2016 -SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR ANTHEM & beatnation summit- (But we’ll save those for our own Event Report, coming soon!)

At the last moment, Tanaka-san tried his best to convince viewers to purchase the Premium IIDX controller, which only had 2 hours left in its sales period. (Sales are now closed!)

Thanks for reading – we’ll be back again next week with (presumably) some Qubell and VOLZZA2 info. And perhaps something for IIDX? We’ll see!