Harmonix hopes for ‘early April’ PS3 Amplitude release


In the latest Kickstarter update for Harmonix’s Amplitude revival, it was reported the company submitted the Playstation 3 version of the title to Sony for approval Friday. The company reported the process usually takes a couple of weeks, but expected the title would be available in April. It was hoped the release would be earlier in the April, but the company plans to follow up once an exact release date is known.

The update also touched on a few more of the campaign rewards, more notably the physical items. The update specifically makes mention of the vinyl reward, which is expected to take another 3-4 weeks to finish. The vinyl discs will be shipped to fulfillment staff to be sorted and shipped to the backers. On the currently-known time line, it was expected physical rewards will be available in mid- to late April.

The title released on Playstation 4 in January, with Bemanistyle publishing its review of Amplitude at the beginning of the year.