Weekly BEnama news #124: New songs in Reflec Beat, Sound Voltex, and BeatStream, plus more!


Hey everybody! Another Wednesday, another BEnama. This time around, our usual host Tanaka-san from Marketing was joined by DJ TOTTO and Des-ROW (Osamu Migitera) and surprise guest composer Hige Driver!

After a quick introduction, they jumped right into the main focus, REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA 2!



A much-missed feature from last year’s REFLEC BEAT groovin’ UPPER!, the Upper Bonus, has returned in the form of two new bonus modes – Miss Count/Combo Bonus, and Groove (Gauge) Bonus. Both bonuses have a Full Combo/No Miss bonus that is the same amount. However, the Groove Bonus will vary depending on your Score Percentage, while the Miss Count Bonus only has 3 – FC, 1 miss, or 2 miss.


Four new songs were also revealed, including a new song by Hige Driver himself!

  • Winter Gift 〜クリスピクリスピーからの贈り物〜 / Qrispy Joybox
  • ORIENTAL MESIA / Power Of Nature
  • EXOTICA / Sota Fujimori 3rd Season
  • Black or Red? / コスモオライバー join. shully & Nimo

After that, the Weekly SUKI Ranking update showed spots 10-6 with the following results:









The conclusion of the Hinabita Chikuwa Princess event resulted in Rin Shimotsuki being crowned the favorite by Hinabita fans:


Speaking of Hinabita, Coconatsu’s new album SynchroNotes was released today!


Next up was SOUND VOLTEX III: Gravity Wars. Lots of news here! On 3/18, we’ll get new Genesis and Appeal Cards, including a PUR and new URs!


Plus, 5 new songs from The 5th KAC Original Song Contest, AND a new story: Episode 12 〜愚かな英雄〜, with its own new song!

  • REVOLVER / sky_delta ((revealed at EDP2016))
  • Fo4-Raize- / Getty vs. DJ DiA
  • Follow Up / あるふぁ
  • Engima / とろまる
  • MG2777 / eicaTV vs kanone
  • Never Fails / lapix ((story song))


Tanaka-san then went on to detail a handful of updates coming to BeatStream: AnimTribe tomorrow, including 5 new songs in the Beast Selection! Spring NyanFestival! Campaign:

  • アルストロメリア / TAG
  • Sakura Reflection / Ryu☆
  • Spring Comes Around (In Like a Lion) / Sota Fujimori Rmx by wac
  • spring pony / S-C-U
  • 繚乱ヒットチャート / ギラギラメガネ団


In addition, A応P’s 全力バタンキュー from anime Osomatsu-san‘s 2nd season will also be added, along with 3 Nightmare charts for the other A応P songs in the game!


Finally, a quick reminder about the ongoing PASELI Point Campaign, which gives out various rewards just for using 100P or 1 game’s worth of the digital currency:


And that’s about it for this week! Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for the latest news as it happens!