Rez Infinite Concept Art Teases New ‘Area X’ Setting


Enhance Games has released two new images of Rez Infinite concept art teasing the game’s new “Area X.”

Rez Infinite, which was announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR back in December at Paris Games Week will remaster the game of the original Rez to 1080p, remix of the sound for 3D audio, and considers new control options and other tweaks now that the game will also be playable in PlayStation VR, but also has completely new content called “Area X.”

Area X was teased at the end of the first trailer, and while Enhance Games isn’t saying much else about it right now, it hopes that “the [artwork] says enough on its own.” The developer notes that it is “deep in experimentation, unsure of exactly where it will end up, but thrilled at the possibilities—just as it was with the original Rez all those years ago.” Have any theories on what this area is? Let us know in the comments!

Rez Infinite is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in October 2016