Site News: What’s Trending on bemanistyle?


Steam has been picking up over here on bemanistyle, and if you haven’t been checking, well, I’m going to let you in on what has been trending over the past few months and what we have planned for the rest of the year.

Reviews and impressions

We’ve been hard at work bringing reviews over to your attention and to see what you might be missing out on regarding indie titles. Sure, we can review the newest Guitar Hero, portable game and indie time and time again, but what we think works even better is revisiting older games in a post-mortem fashion. As time goes on, you’ll be seeing some ‘back from the dead’ impressions on classic rhythm titles and see how they hold up in this day in age as well as some streaming of these classics via our YouTube Gaming channel. We’re talking anything from PlayStation to GameBoy, and everything in between.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X info and updates

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is an upcoming game created by Sega and Crypton Future Media for the PlayStation Vita and PS4 in Japan for now until we hear something otherwise if it’s coming to the States or Europe. SEGA has been updating everyone via the Diva blog on a constant basis and we have been pretty excited with how it’s turning out. We’ve been bringing you the latest in new songs, modules and costumes that will be featured in the game but if you’re looking to catch up, check our Project Diva X news category now! If you’re in Japan or have a Japanese PSN account, be on the lookout for a demo dropping on the same date as the full game release next week!


Konami’s latest rhythm title hit and has been out and lively at Round 1 arcades worldwide and myself and our Associate Writer Mike Sullivan went out to cover it. It’s safe to say that MUSECA still gets a lot of play time at North American Round 1 locations, and regardless of understanding the story progression without a guide, I still have been playing it a ton whenever I visit. Stay tuned for more info and song/feature announcements via our BEnama wrap ups!

DanceDanceRevolution 2014 in North America

Last July, Kevin Bachus, Senior VP of Entertainment and Games Strategy at Dave & Buster’s went live with a Reddit AMA and notified the community that a DDR 2014 location test was coming to a few Dave & Buster’s locations later in the year. Well, it’s safe to say that after a great testing phase and thanks to Reddit user Waywordcross for reaching out, Kevin confirmed DDR 2014 will be joining close to half the Dave & Buster’s locations this Summer intact with eAMUSEMENT and all. Certainly some exciting news for the West and finer details on if eAMUSEMENT cards will be supplied to stores, localization details and what versions of the game supplied are still undetermined but we’ll be sure to bring you new info as we get it!

Japanese rhythm game song and update coverage

New recruits Paul Richardson and Julian Onyali have jumped on board to help us out in the Japanese news announcement department, and frankly, we’ve been nothing but impressed with their commitment and passion on delivering translated news to the community. They recently ventured out to the Konami Arcade Championships and JAEPO in Chiba and filled us in on what was going on. (Other) Paul will bring you new song update info, features and more on a weekly basis during the BEnama livestreams! More you say? Well fine, they’ll be attending Japanese community events and location tests with reports on what went down. If you missed this past week’s BEnama stream, you can check out the coverage of BEnama #124 here.

Creative content

A long with post-mortem impressions of rhythm games, we’re going to be bringing you a ton of articles featuring some of our team’s ‘best songs of’ lists and keying in on what our favorite artists from these games have been doing and what projects they’re been busy with. We plan on bringing you two great English translation how-to’s on registering for a Japanese eAMUSEMENT and KONAMI ID, a how-to on adding and managing your account features as well as how to add some of that digital currency known as PASELI to your eAMUSEMENT pass. With the expansion of Round 1 making it’s way to major regions and states in North America and Dave & Buster’s that will be soon seeing the system take place at locations, these guides will be handy for anybody looking to keep track of their progress for each game and to get a ton more content out of what you play.

We’ve been dying to bring this content and more out and appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through this journey! As always, be sure to follow us on social media for exclusive giveaways, photos and news as it happens!