New Rock Band 4 PC Fig Campaign Tier will Grant You the Entire Library of DLC


Harmonix just updated their Rock Band 4 PC Fig campaign to add a new tier into the mix. This $2,500 ‘Collector’ tier will net you the entire library of DLC for Rock Band 4 PC along with the game, plus the extra stuff in the Opening Act tier if successfully funded, of course.

To clarify if this gets you the export tracks or whatnot, Harmonix dev ‘HMXnordee’ on Reddit writes:

All the DLC that’s available for sale when the game ships. So that includes everything in the store now PLUS anything we release until the launch date this fall MINUS any songs that we might have to pull from the store because of license renewals. Those won’t be part of the deal.

No exports or bonus songs included. Just DLC.


Right now, the Fig campaign is standing on 29% of their $1,500,000 goal with two weeks left in running. It’s getting a bit scary.

What do you guys think about this new tier? Worth backing for? Let us know in the comments!