Taiko no Tatsujin White Ver. April Update Announcement


April is almost here and the Taiko Blog updated to give us a peek into what we can expect for the month including a new costume and collaboration event for White version cabinets!

Free Outfit: Sun Wukong

The head is free but the body, stick and cloud is from the Rewards Shop ready to be purchased for the month of April


April unlock song:
真・画竜点睛 Shin Garyoutensei

Synchronica Collaboration Round 3

New song:
カノン シンクロニカ Remix Canon Synchronica Remix

Get it via the new round 3 of Synchronica collaboration track by full Comboing via 1P or Unbroken Combo via 2P on Advanced or higher difficulty on all six selected songs listed below from March 31 until the end of April:

  • Dokidoki Mune-kyun Omatsuri Time
  • Sotsu Omeshiki
  • Angel Dream
  • Uchuu SAMURAI
  • Aka no Senritsu
  • Winter Dragon ~Toryu~

WCS2016 Play For Rewards Campaign

Pay one credit for one ticket during the campaign period between April 1st  to June 2nd using BanaPassport with no need to compete on songs. The tickets can be used redeem various rewards and have no limit, but you can only earn up to five tickets a week.

And free with the campaign are Petit-charas with WCS2016 candidate song plays: