DDR Ace is Coming to Dave & Buster’s Locations This Summer!


DanceDanceRevolution 2015? Scratch that, we reported earlier that certain Dave & Buster’s locations will be getting DDR this Summer 2016 season, and now, we can finally confirm that North American Dave & Buster’s specifically placed orders for DanceDanceRevolution A in the white cabinet to be sent to stores and will be arriving this Spring/Summer to just under half their locations. With the eAMUSEMENT network absolutely needed for the game to run, our sources have implied that it’ll be a localized version with a constant connection online. We’re still unaware if eAMUSEMENT passes will be supplied to stores upon release and to what else the localization will feature.

We’ll be bringing you more song and feature announcements on DDR A now that it has been released in Japan during our BEnama coverage!



    • We reached out to Kevin from Dave & Busters as well as our own sources (who provided us with the Location Test information last year), both of which confirmed that the order had been placed. Other information in this post was provided to us during the location test period in relation to how a US rollout would work.

      • The number of locations(“just under half”) is also confirmed? Last I heard it was far less than that.

  1. Any word on when/if Round1 is going to get DDR A as well? I’m hoping D&B’s isn’t gonna have some exclusivity with this for a year or whatever. X_X

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