Weekly BEnama News #126: DDR A, jubeat Qubell and more!


Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, everyone! Today was a great day for BEMANI, with the release of both Dance Dance Revolution A and jubeat Qubell. Of course, this week’s BEnama would have to focus on those two games.


Tonight’s guests included DDR directors/producers/composers U1-Asami and TAG. The first order of business was a quick intro of their new release, DDR A!

U1-Asami talked a bit about the theme of the game, “EDM” and how how its popularity recently influenced the design and feel for the game. Next up, lucky us, we were treated to play of both DDR A and jubeat Qubell by none other than TAG himself!!



Next up in jubeat information, TAG and Tanaka-san explained a bit about the new unlocking system in Qubell, where you choose a QUBE to “mine” and use your dig dig Radar to locate QUBEs where new songs are hidden:


Finally, earning a rank S, SS, or SSS in the Sあつめ folder (accessed from the Concierge Bell) will net you a nice amount of extra dig points, which influence how strong your drill will be, and how many layers you can mine through!


After jubeat’s corner, Tanaka-san gave us an introduction to the BEMANI NEW FACE Contest, which is looking for a vocalist with SDVX, a dramatic song for MUSECA, and a song that matches certain characters in Pop’n Music:


Speaking of Pop’n, today marks the release of the long-awaited Vol.2 of Pop’n Cards! Arcades will start receiving them today and in the following days:


Next up, to celebrate the huge amount of suggestions submitted to the MUSECAおねがい campaign, a FLOOR INFECTION and POLICY BREAK crossover event has been announced!


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.59.40 PM

Sound Voltex will get Virtual Bit / KAN TAKAHIRO, and MUSECA will get the following 3 songs:

  • 香港功夫大旋風 / Daisuke Ohnuma
  • Dawn of Asia / ginkiha+kamome sano
  • F.K.S. / Nizikawa


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.00.18 PM

Continuing the SDVX news, finally, 5 songs promised from the FLOOR ANTHEM EP.01 Soundtrack will be added to the game on 4.1! They include:

  • XROSS THE XOUL BlackY vs. Yooh
  • ERROR CODE / C-Show
  • Inixia / xi
  • archive::zip / kamome sano
  • Renegade Fruits / t+pazolite


  • AND on the same day, we’ll get 3 new Touhou Arrangements:
  • Phantom Ensemble (ゆんゆん Remix) / ゆんゆん
  • Russet / wellow


AND FURTHERMORE!!! – In the VERY SPRING FAIR, all players will enjoy plenty of benefits in April, including a one-time 3900 block/packet bonus, a stamp rally for New Appeal Cards, and a Track Liberation event where up to 3 random songs you don’t own can be unlocked EACH DAY!


Next up was a quick SUKI Ranking update, with アナーキーインザ夕景 / ここなつ Produced by ぬゆり jumping up to take the 10th place spot. Voting closes tomorrow night so be sure to SMASH DAT SUKI BUTTON on your favorite track before then!






In Hinabita news, a new song will be revealed and performed live at the Sakura Matsuri in Tottori later next month, meu~.


And finally, to close out the night, a quick reminder that the entry period for the 2nd Original eAmusement Pass Contest is tomorrow, 3/31 at 1pm Japan Time! If you have the PASELI Points, be sure to get your entry in!


That’s it for this week’s news brief! Check back later for a run-down on the newly released DDR A and jubeat Qubell!