Pump it Up 2015 PRIME 1.15.0 March Update Information


March’s Pump it Up 2015 Prime update is now available! Check out the 4 new tracks, bug fixes and a few new miscellaneous changes all throughout. Full detail list below!


New Songs

– Prime
Artist : Tatsh
BPM : 165
Default step chart : S04, S07, S11, S16, S18, D12, D16, D18
Unlock step chart : S??, D??

Artist : Paul Bazooka
BPM : 130
Default step chart : S05, S16, D07, D16 3
Unlock step chart : S??

 Red Snow
Artist : Cashew
BPM : 170
Default step chart : S11, S16, D12
Unlock step chart : S??, D??

 Break It Down
Artist : MAZO
BPM : 176
Default step chart : S07, S14, S16, D05, D12, D17

New step charts

Artist : The DNC
BPM : 120
Step chart : S17

Quest zone
Quest “Chapter15” is updated.

 Higleddy pigleddy
Step chart : S09, S14, S16, S18

 Turkey March – Minimal Tunes
Step chart : S06, S08, S17, S18

 Witch Doctor
Step chart : S10, S16, S19, S20

Step chart : S10, S17, D16, D20

Step chart : S06, S09, S17, S24

Unlocked Step charts

– Violet Perfume
Step chart : D19 – released!

 Scolpion King
Step chart : S19 – released!

 Setsuna Trip
Step chart : S18, D19 – released!

 Queen Of The Red
Step chart : S18, D19 – released!

New Features

– Double Performance step charts was added
– Various performance step charts for Freestyle category of WPF2016
– Please check out over 50 step charts of Prime 1.15 song list from www.piugame.com

Bugs fixed
– Hypercube S17 step charts bug was fixed
– VJ judgement bug in Shortcut, Remix and Fullsong was fixed