April Fools 2016 Event Roundup


It’s been a strange day…to say the least. At midnight in Japan, a few things happened.

First, MUSECA’s official site and Twitter were…”renovated”…?


Other than the image and 2 strange tweets, nothing has happened in-game.

At the same time, the following image appeared on the SDVX website:


Apparently, Grace wants to teach us about GRAVITY. To do so, she’s decided to hijack the game’s tutorial song and make it playable for all with a special chart, seen below:

  • グレイスちゃんの超~絶!!グラビティ講座w / ∞∞(α∀α*)∞∞グレイスよ! with 愉快な仲間たち

Not surprisingly, the chart was already PUC’d within an hour of release.

At the same time, the Pop’n Music website got quite steamy…


One of the Pop’n Creator’s Party “Wishes” was to be able to bathe with PON and wac, so now your characters can, just for today!


Be sure to check the official website for a HOT recording of the two trying to get into a bath together…


In other news, Groove Coaster 3’s Rinka was redesigned by Cranky:


A special Edy e-Money card was produced, which can be won by only one person in their RT campaign:


The special “Ghost Story Car Navigation” song returned again this year, and if cleared on HARD, you can get a special Avatar, COSIO in his car.

Finally, a new WORLD’S END chart was made available in CHUNITHM for Help Me, ERRRIIIIINNNN!, titled Help Me, あーりん!


maimai received a special song as well…the opening to SEGA’s Wonderland Wars game:

CAPCOM’s crossbeats REV. staff posted a few videos of their new iPhone-size screen mode, available when you reach a 20,000 Play Count:

And in Tone Sphere, LINEAR ACCELERATOR was given a special chart, named TOMATO ACCELERATOR:


Finally, happy birthday to the biggest April Fool of them all, DJDJDJDJDJJEFF2020.