MUSYNC now available on Android for free!




MUSYNC…what? Don’t worry. If you haven’t heard of this game by Beijing-based developer I-INFERNO, you aren’t the only one. Doing some digging, apparently, this game was created a few years back on the PSvita as, essentially, a DJMAX Portable clone. Fast forward to 2015, and suddenly, an iOS release appears for just $0.99! Today, the Android version was released FOR FREE(!) on the Japanese Play Store, with plans for a US release in the future.

The current game plays very differently from the Vita version. Now, the gameplay is based on touch input, with a similar setup to DJMAX Ray, Deemo, and other games. But, what MUSYNC brings to the table is an interesting gameplay mechanic. Songs will have a different background, gameplay skin, and effects, usually according to their music style or genre. Take a look at some of them below.
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They’re all pretty different, and surely more will be added in future updates. A preview video was uploaded for the iOS version last year:




The default songlist is 19-songs long. Not bad for a free game without advertisements! On top of that, some well known artists such as M2U and Paul Bazooka are planning to release original tracks for the game in the near future.


A “Forever Friends” shop item is available which serves as the game’s “Pro” or full version, which unlocks all shop songs and all FUTURE songs.


But… don’t make these characters sad…