Rock Band 4 PC Fig Campaign Fails to Meet Funding Goal


Harmonix launched the Fig campaign for Rock Band 4 PC on March 1st, seeking a whopping $1.5 million to help develop the PC version which was going to be handled by Sumo Digital, along with bringing the Rock Band Network to PC. The campaign ended yesterday with $792,817 pledged by 1,674 backers, just over 50% of the total goal resulting in a failed campaign.

An email sent to backers by the company earlier stated their “pledge and or investment will not be collected.”

“While sometimes game campaigns do not make it over the finish line, that doesn’t mean the journey is over, you can still show your support in the forums to see what’s next for Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.”

Harmonix said it estimated that Rock Band 4 would cost around $2 million for “development and testing”, and once the $1.5M was raised, the remaining $500,000 would be fulfilled by Harmonix.