Weekly BEnama News #127: Hinabita, REFLEC BEAT, and BeatStream!



In this week’s BEnama, Konami’s top MC, Tanaka-san was joined by long-time composer TOMOSUKE and slightly more recent DJ TOTTO. The broadcast started with a quick note that, due to a large amount of player comments, DDR A’s timing will be be adjusted and an update will roll out soon.

Right off the bat, TOMOSUKE talked about the Kuranogawa × Kurayoshi Sakura Matsuri, a collaboration between the fictional Kuranogawa City from the Hinabita world, and the real Kuranogawa City, in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture. The two have made news in Japan for being such a major “fictional” sister cityship.


A press conference and ceremony was held at Kurayoshi City Hall on April 1st, although this was no joke!



-08.41.33 -08.41.36 -08.41.42 -08.41.46












The event, happening on April 16 and 17, will feature various Hinabita-themed events, including a Q&A with the voice actresses, plus the debut of a new song, performed live.


One local dango-maker even teamed up with Konami to offer a limited-time only box set!


Next up, DJ TOTTO mentioned the new “Let’s REFLEC Campaign” where players will be able to play online in matching with himself and Des-ROW.

If DJ TOTTO is defeated, everyone will earn some rewards…

  • 1 person: SUPERSTAR tap sound effect
  • 3 people: DJ TOTTO note explosion effect
  • 5 people: DJ TOTTO special stage/frame
  • 10 people: DJ TOTTO will make a song similar to “Valanga”
  • 15 people: Tanaka-san will sing vocals for a “TRY TO SING” version?!
  • 20 people: Qrispy Joybox will remix this song!


-08.57.52 -08.58.31 -09.00.24 -09.01.46 -09.03.57 -09.05.46 -09.07.15

















In BeatStream news, the Cuvelia song previewed at KAC was finally revealed!

-09.21.44 -09.21.48 -09.21.51 -09.21.57












Seems like quite the scandal…? The song will be available as a BEAST CRISIS unlockable. In addition, the Thief BisCo event from last year seems to be returning in some form, to allow users to unlock songs that they missed. 4 new Nightmare charts will be added as well:


And Local Matching will finally come back to the game, no mention on Online mode yet, though:



Rounding off the night was February’s TOP10 SUKI Ranking songs:

-09.25.51 -09.26.10 -09.27.17 -09.27.50 -09.29.19

The #1 song, as usual, will be available for downloading on the UTA.573 site, but this time around, it’s free!

That’s it for this week’s BEnama! Thank you for playing~