Rock Band 4 April Update Brings Setlist Creation, Bug Fixes, and More!


This month, Harmonix brings to you a new update to Rock Band 4, complete with patch notes that can be seen below! Players can now create their own setlists which has been an most-asked feature for the game, as well as a re-organized Main Menu and a ton of bug fixes. Check out everything now available below!


Create and save setlists of your favorite tracks!


Reorganized Main Menu

  • Allows for streamlined and smarter navigation.

Song Patching

  • Added ability to patch downloadable content as part of monthly game updates, so you don’t need to re-download songs if Harmonix needs to fix them.
  • Fixed a TON of individual songs coming in the April update, that can be seen here!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that prevented scores from uploading to leaderboards.
    • Players that have played a large number of songs offline may see some delays in their scores posting.
    • Players should no longer need to delete their save data to upload scores to the leaderboards.
    • If you continue to experience leaderboard uploading issues, please submit a ticket to the Harmonix Customer Support team!
  • Fixed an occasional crash after a song begins and ends.
  • Fixed an issue where looking at Friends’ Leaderboards would not show Friends’ scores.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could taunt friends of friends.
  • Fixed an issue in Calibration Mode where a player would not be able to calibrate if a second player dropped in.
  • Fixed a bug where “All Moderate Songs Set” and “All Apprentice Songs Set” were not pulling the correct content or displaying the corresponding difficulty.
  • Fixed issues where help bar buttons could disappear in the music library or appear at inappropriate times in the music library.
  • Fixed an issue where the activity feed wouldn’t work when the player had more than 30 friends.
  • Fixed an issue where the first gem of “Disco-Flipped” sections for drums wasn’t flipping.
  • Fixed an issue on some disc songs where drummers could not deploy recently earned Overdrive before the end of a song.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Harmony Vocals did not grant Overdrive appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue where the crowd would boo players who had dropped into a single-player session.
  • Fixed an issue where players who had dropped in or changed difficulties during a solo would see the solo percentage message at the end of the song.
  • Fixed an issue where the song preview glitches.
  • Fixed an issue during the guitar solo of “At Night in Dreams”.
  • Fixed issue where characters’ heads could expand endlessly when game is paused.
  • Fixed issue where difficulty icons appeared on page navigation in leaderboards.
  • Fixed issue where changing a clothing item’s color caused other clothing items’ colors to change as well.
  • Fixed an issue where Rock Shop item names weren’t displaying correctly in German.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Set for Life” trophy could be unlocked erroneously.
  • Fixed PS4-only issue where the touch button wouldn’t visually appear to deploy Overdrive for vocals during a Big Rock Ending (even though it was actually deploying it).
  • Fixed a PS4-only issue where cycling through Player Stats could cause a disconnection from PSN message.