Justin Beiber Hits Up Rock Band 4 with Three New DLC Tracks


Justin Bieber, the Canadian star has quickly made his way to the top of music lists around the world, so Harmonix is here to bring 3 track fan favorites to the game in a playable setting.

The bass part in Bieber’s track, “Sorry”, contains an unusual amount of chords. Drummers will experience a unique type of beat not typically found in tracks that are already in the Rock Band library. Vocals contain a challenging counter melody, which at one point, sing a six-note run.
“Boyfriend” has unique and fun drum patterns, mapping hi-hats to blue gems and toms to yellow. The verses are rapped in this track, so vocalists beware; you may be lulled into a false sense of security without pitch, but there are challenging harmonic parts happening in the outro of the song.
Fancy yourself a performer? Plug in the mic and guitar for a solo rendition of “Love Yourself.” The muted “backbeat” strums in the guitar part can be found throughout the entire song. This is a technique the Harmonix DLC team first implemented with the track “More Than Words” by Extreme. It provides players with a pulse in the absence of a drum part.

The “Justin Bieber Pack 01” can be purchased for $5.49. Tracks are available individually for $1.99 each.

  • “Sorry”
  • “Boyfriend”
  • “Love Yourself”

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