The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars Full List of Preorder Game Bonuses and Exclusives


Over at Bandai Namco’s own LaLaBit Marketplace, you can find the shop exclusively showcasing the “LaLa Rabbit Intercom” in-game accessory for The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars. Better yet, Bandai Namco has released a trailer showing off the accessory that can be seen below!

At The Idolmaster‘s official blog, Bandai Namco has filled us in on other shops where players could preorder, as well as the different bonus items you get from purchasing The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars:

  • – PC wallpaper (765 Pro All-Stars)
  • Amiami – Ticket case-style mini file and ticket-style card (silhouette)
  • Animate – Set of 13 Acrylic Stand Pops (765 Pro All-Stars), A4 clear file (765 Pro All-Stars, early reservations only), and an all-members together notepad (765 Pro All-Stars, early preorders only)
  • Chara-Ani – Set of five tin badges (Haruka, Chihaya, Miki, Takane, and Hibiki)
  • COMG! – QUO Card (Haruka and Miki)
  • Famitsu – Phone card (Chihaya and Makoto)
  • Gamers – B2 tapestry (765 Pro All-Stars) and micro-fiber mini towel (20x20cm) (765 Pro All-Stars, early reservations only)
  • Game Shop Takarajima – Micro-fiber cloth (20x40cm) (Chihaya)
  • Imagine/Imagine Web Shop – Extra-large cloth poster (Miki)
  • Joshin – PC wallpaper (Chihaya, Miki, and Makoto)
  • Loppi and HMV – Fan (765 Pro All-Stars)
  • Neo-wing – Mousepad (765 Pro All-Stars)
  • Seagull – Set of three B2 half-cut posters (Haruka, Chihaya, and Takane)
  • 7net Shopping – Set of two digital wallpapers (Miki, Takane, and Hibiki / Haruka, Makoto, and Yukiho)
  • Sofmap – B2 tapestry (main visual)
  • Tora no Ana – A3 tapestry (765 Pro All-Stars)
  • WonderGOO – XL tapestry, glasses case (Ritsuko), and face towel (Makoto)

The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars is set to release on July 28 for PS4