Weekly BEnama news #129: VOLZZA2 events, Hinabita, and more!


Apologies for the delay on this post – and the absence of last week’s #128. But hey, better late than never!

This week’s BEnama was short but still managed to pack a lot of info into the broadcast. The guests included Camelia and kradness, together as their new duo “Quarks,” and a surprise visitor DJ TAKA!

REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA2 will get 3 songs from their upcoming first album, “Dualive”:


In addition, due to at least 10 people defeating DJ TOTTO during the “Let’s REFLEC” campaign has yielded the following rewards, available to anyone who plays the game once before the 25th:

  • SUPERSTAR tap sound effect
  • DJ TOTTO note explosion effect
  • DJ TOTTO special stage/frame
  • DJ TOTTO will make a song similar to “Valanga”



Reflec Beat has also finally gotten a Hi-Speed modifier, allowing players to finely-tune the object scroll speed:


A Twitter RT campaign will also be starting soon, with details on the official Reflec Beat Staff Twitter account:


Finally, last year’s CODE BREAKING event returns with “CODE BREAKING RETURNS”!! More detials will be announced soon:



This month’s SUKI Ranking so far:

-09.11.35 -09.11.43 -09.11.56 -09.12.09 -09.12.34 -09.15.05
















After Reflec Beat, composer TOMOSUKE and BEMANI Backstage’s Yuei-san joined Tanaka-san to talk about Hinabita’s Kurayoshi Sakura Matsuri Event, which was held last weekend, and attracted over 6000 visitors to the far-away prefecture of Tottori.


A few pictures were shared, including the main train station, the autograph event, gallery, goods shop, various shots around town, and the venue for the live stage event:



-09.23.23 -09.27.16 -09.27.58
-09.30.16 -09.33.37


For fans that were unable to attend the event, Konamistyle will be selling the limited-edition CD, which includes a postcard. 5 buyers will also receive an autographed poster!

-09.38.11 -09.45.41

Speaking of Hinabita…the Chikuwa Princess event’s conclusion with Rin Shimotsuka as the winner means some new stuff! First, a special Grafica is added to MUSECA:




In addition, 黒髪乱れし修羅となりて~凛 edition~ has been added to BeatStream, DanceDanceRevolution A, GITADORA, jubeat Qubell, MÚSECA, pop’n music, REFLEC BEAT, and SOUND VOLTEX:


A special JBox selection was also made available in Jubeat:



Next up was a mystery teaser for…some kind of Sound Voltex “theater”? Details remain a mystery but should appear within the coming week(s)…


And although it wasn’t announced on BEnama, GO BACK 2 YOUR RAVE / nora2r was added to SDVX as well:


Finally, beatmania IIDX copula’s Tokotoko Line event will be ending in just 2 days:



It will be replaced by… Mystery Line?! This will be copula’s “2nd season event.”



Not announced on BEnama, but still important was the upcoming addition of 3 songs to DDRA:



And tired of that plain silver e-AMUSEMENT PASS design? Well guess what, it’s about to get even more plain. A new card with enhanced security will be sent to stores soon:




Thank you for playing!~