Rhythm Thief included in Humble Bundle


The Humble Bundle program typically bundles indie PC releases on the cheap, but Humble Bundle has once again offered digital Nintendo keys – this time including SEGA’s obscure 3DS release Rhythm Thief & the Emporer’s Treasure.

Rhythm Thief is included in the bundle’s extended offerings, meaning you have to pay more the average donated to the bundle – the average is at $9.22 as of this posting. However, when you consider loose copies are trending around $30, complete copies hover above $50 and sealed copies are trend at approximately $80 (via PriceCharting), getting a digital copy of the game on top of other great indie titles isn’t a bad deal if you missed out on it the first time around. Physical copies aside, Nintendo’s own e-Shop lists digital copies of the title at $19.99.

Even outside of Rhythm Thief, a single dollar will get you digital copies of Retro City Rampage for the 3DS, Shantae and Pirate’s Curse for WiiU/3DS and Affordable Space Adventures for the WiiU. On top of the average tier, digital codes are offered for the Sonic-inspired Freedom Planet (WiiU) and the Earthbound-inspired Citizens of Earth (WiiU or 3DS). There is a $13 tier that adds in Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Darksiders II (WiiU). More games will be added later, and paying now locks you into a tier, no matter what the average price increases to.

This particular bundle will be live for the next two weeks.

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