Weekly BEnama News #130: BeatStream, SDVX events, and… BEMANI ROCK FES ’16?!


This week’s BEnama was another fast-moving one with lots of news packed into such a short time! As usual, Tanaka-san from the PR and Marketing department at Konami gave us the run-down on various happenings, updates, and events in the BEMANI franchise, and this time, he was joined by guests Qrispy Joybox, TAG, and Cody!

First up was Qrispy with BeatStream’s “Golden NAU” campaign, which features a MASSIVE 17(!)-song update!

-08.36.03 -08.36.44

The above 13 songs will be available for all to play. And below, these 4 songs are unlockable after playing one round:

In addition, the Customization Options have been renewed, with the ability to turn off the game’s note SFX, the addition of “Aibou” -partners, which are presumably your companion character that will show at various points in the game, plus new assist options!




In addition, a FLOOR INFECTION and POLICY BREAK between Sound Voltex and BeatStream is also starting today!
-08.44.52 -08.45.51 -08.46.15 -08.46.37


BeatStream will get 3 SDVX songs crossed over in the FLOOR INFECTION:



…and SDVX will get 2 songs from BeatStream:



In addition, a new crossover Genesis Card set will be made available from 4/28 until 5/16.

Also in SDVX news, the Ryu☆REMIX Contest winning songs have finally made their way into the game, as have Quarks’ 4 songs from their new single, “Dualive”:



SDVX ALSO gets a new INFINITE BLASTER for new charts, with hints to which songs given below:



Want more? Of course you do. The winning Appeal Cards from the Kansai-region contest have finally been selected and will be added into the game today!



BUT WAIT, Sound Voltex also has a presence at the Touhou Project event Reitaisai, with a special KONAMI booth where you can play both SDVX and MUSECA:


If you use your eAmusement pass or IC card to login when playing, you might also get a special fan, fortune card, and Appeal Cards:


In addition, some popular artists will have songs added to both games, with more details announced at a later date…although everyone’s favorite pop duo VENUS has been confirmed!!:


There will also be a special Genesis Card set available for players:


MUSECA will also get some new Touhou-themed Graficas as well:


And, as with the past 2 years, a super-rare SDVX-Touhou arrange CD will be a prize for 400 lucky winners!



EIKOH, maker of awesome Bemani goods and trinkets, will also have a booth presence at Reitaisai, with pins, keychains, and an amazing tapestry available for purchase:

-09.07.27 -09.07.57 -09.08.43

This weekend, NicoNico Choukaigi will be held, with SDVX and MUSECA also being present and playable. Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky remix- will be made playable from the event as well!


In MUSECA news, 6 new songs will be added to the game today:



And, if you play both SDVX and MUSECA 5 times, you’ll get a special Rasis Grafica and Genesis Card!


In Pop’n Music news, 4 new songs from the 7th round of the Pop’n Creators Original Song Contest have been added to the game, as well as a new “Oedo Castle Town” area in Star Maker:

-09.20.56 -09.21.30

A new “Welcome Pack” and “Golden Welcome” campaign will also help new players get into the game, with various benefits for them and their friends!

-09.22.11 -09.22.23


After Pop’n was REFLEC BEAT news. As the RB Twitter campaign has surpassed 2000 RTs, a prize code was made available:


What’s this do? Well, simply input it on the following page:


If you are logged into your eAmuse account, you will receive the VOLZZA BGM as a playable track!


-09.24.16 -09.24.41 -09.25.44


Next up was a quick reminder that in DanceEvolution, CHALLENGE14 has started, and  will run until 5/24:


REFLEC BEAT and jubeat PLUS will both get one free present song each:



Nearing the end of the broadcast, the 10th-6th places for this month’s SUKI Ranking were shown:
-09.35.12 -09.35.23







-09.35.57 -09.36.28






Pop’n Music eclale’s physical OST is also going to be released on 6/29, along with the newly-announced GITADORA Tri-Boost Vol.2 OST!

-09.41.04 -09.41.11


And a quick reminder – the BEMANI NEW FACE contest will be ending on 5/9 for pop’n and MUSECa, and 5/16 for SDVX! Get those demo tapes in!~








SUDDENLY, Ryu and Yuei both appeared for an emergency announcement…

EDP presents BEMANI ROCK FES ’16!
7/10 at Shinagawa Stellar Bowl!

This event seems to be pop’n and GITADORA-focused, and will NOT feature a DJ station. It seems like it’ll be all live bands playing! Details here:


-09.44.08 -09.47.27 -09.48.27 -09.50.12 -09.54.27

Unfortunately, tickets must be purchased (for now) through Konamistyle, and they require a Japanese Credit Card. We’ve reached out to them to see if there is any possible way around this.

That seemed to be it for this week. The ending song played, and…
























Just as everyone thought the broadcast would finish, a trailer for jubeat Qubell’s upcoming G.F.S. event revealed the acronym’s meaning – Glitter Flatter Scatter…? We’re hoping more details are made available soon!


-10.02.29 -10.02.40


Finally, that concluded the broadcast for this week. See you~