Pump It Up 2015 PRIME 1.16.0 Update is now Live!



New Songs

  • Moment Day
    Artist : MAX
    BPM : 158
    Default step chart : S03, S06, S10, S15, S17, D09, D16, CO-OPx02
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??
  • Houkago Stride
    Artist : Last Note.
    BPM : 225
    Default step chart : S03, S06, S10, S15, D10, D16
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??
  • Idealized Romance
    Artist : void
    BPM : 140
    Default step chart : S02, S04, S07, S11, S16, D10
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??
  • Force of Ra
    Artist : Memme
    BPM : 180
    Default step chart : S07, S12, S17, D12
    Unlock step chart : S??, D??

New unlock step charts 

  • Achluoias
    Artist : D_AAN
    BPM : 200
    Step chart : D26
  • Stardust Overdrive
    Artist : typeMARS
    BPM : 175
    Step chart : D24

Quest zone

Quest “Chapter15” is updated.

  • Hello William
    Step chart : S09, S17, D09, D18
  • Bullfighter’s Song
    Step chart : S05, S08, S16, S19
  • Ladybug
    Step chart : S05, S13, D13, D19
  • Moonlight
    Step chart : D11, D20, D21, D22
  • FFF
    Step chart : S17, S23, D22, D26

Unlocked Step charts

  • Creed -1st Desire-
    Step chart : S18, D18 – released!


New U.C.S songs are added!

  • – Nemesis
    – Chinese restaurant
    – Hestia
    – You Got Me Crazy
    – 1950

Minor Bugs fixed.

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