Neon FM update addresses interface, drumrolls


The official Neon FM Facebook page announced a new patch is available for arcades. The report indicates many of the updates improve elements “under the hood,” but players and operators will still see notable changes.

The interface has seen visual upgrades to text, the inclusion of graphics picturing a button when it is referenced in instructions and multi-language support for eight different languages. The in-game menu now has a “coming soon” page in the demo reel to indicate when new tracks will release and operators now have access to a local bookkeeping feature (in addition to the online feature).

During gameplay, the GOOD ranking will now show above combo indicators, as before only the PERFECT and MISSED ranks were displayed. Drumrolls were also retooled, as small chains now have at least two segments instead of those appearing as a single small dot, feature more dots in general and are more consistent in letting players hit them.

In a song update, the arcade title also saw the addition of “Shot!” by DJ DBC at the end of April. You can check out a preview of the song below:

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