Pulsen Build 1.2 adds 13 Songs and New Timing


Pulsen has been tagged with an early summer release, but it is now available through Steam early access, where it is at Build 1.2. The update brings a number of changes, with the most notable coming in the form of new game content and a new note timing window.

Build 1.2 adds 13 new songs to the game:

1. Cali Coast (Psionics Remix) Speed Edit – Soul Pacific

2. Commuting – The Queenstons

3. Cosmo Memory – Losstarot

4. I Believe – Idris

5. I Control – hyi

6. I Gotta Have Mix – Ken Wank

7. Koan – Rotteen

8. Make Your Moves Mix – Ken Wank

9. Nyan Cat (Rainbow Poptart Remix) – The Icarus Kid orig daniwell

10. Rainbow Medication – Kitsune²

11. Starburst – Losstarot feat GUMI

12. She’s An Angel – Renard

13. Style On My Speed Dial – Oscillator X

On top of the new songs, some of the previous songs have seen updates to include bonus charts and revisions to update effects, timings, rhythms and minor issues.

A new note timing has also been implemented into the advanced scoring option, to add a “Ludicrous” rating. The timing window for the rating is 11.25 milliseconds, making it twice as difficult to obtain as the previous best rating. The rating was implemented to provide an extra challenge and boost competition.

Other minor improvements in Build 1.2 include revised option menus, noteskin previews during selection, updated images, consistent colors and all-round bug fixes.

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