Weekly BEnama News #131: Reitaisai report, SDVX, and EDP!


After a 1-week break for Japan’s Golden Week holiday, BEnama is back! This time around, Tanaka-san from PR was joined by Cody, TAG, and gamer/model Yuno Mizusawa to discuss a variety of topics.



The first subject was this past Sunday’s Reitaisai event, a twice-yearly Touhou Project event. The Konami booth staff took some pictures to share with everyone:

-08.47.28 -08.47.36 -08.47.53 -08.48.05


If you played SDVX or MUSECA at the KONAMI booth, you could get one of these neat fans:


At Reitaisai, a special build of SDVX included 24 new songs, including the following…



For everyone else, 5 songs have been chosen to be added tomorrow, 5/12!

Yuno also tried out one of the songs after asking if there were any 15s she could play, and managed to AAA it with a decent score:

-09.05.55 -09.08.19


A special Twitter campaign was announced as well. Simply follow the official SDVX Twitter account and tweet the following hashtag:


You’ll be entered for a chance to win some of the original goods sold at Reitaisai (Most likely Japan only…)



Finally, a stamp rally was announced for Sound Voltex, where you can earn the 9 Appeal Cards below, with the first 3 being unlocked after just one play!



The BEMANI NEW FACE Vocalist contest is also ending on 5/16 at 3pm JST, so get your entries in if you were thinking of that!


Next up was the SUKI Ranking for March:

-09.23.00 -09.23.21 -09.23.44 -09.24.06 -09.24.18 -09.25.27
-09.24.53 -09.25.10
-09.25.46 -09.26.37 -09.27.57


Disable Mark from REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA 2 earned the top spot, and is available for free download on Konami’s UTA.573 site for a limited time!


After that was a quick update on the upcoming GITADORA Tri-Boost OST Volume.02, which had both its jacket and preliminary songlist revealed:


-09.30.34 -09.30.52

In addition to the music, this OST will also come with a special DVD! The official Konamistyle product page shows 7 songs/videos that will be on that disc.


Pop’n Music eclale’s physical OST has also had its massive 71-song track list revealed, which can be seen on the official product page as well. 5 Long Versions have also been revealed!

-09.32.15 -09.32.19


Just before the show ended, a surprise visit by wac and Yuei revealed EDPBRF’s official logo, and official event website:


-09.34.30 -09.35.02

The 2nd wave of performing artists will be revealed before the end of May, so stay tuned and we’ll bring you that news as soon as it drops!