Neon FM Mobile Public Beta Detailed


Following yesterday’s Facebook post on this week’s song update being Crazy Daylight – “Sacred Space”, Neon FM has announced that the public mobile beta will be here soon for players to participate in and give feedback that will ultimately shape the game in the end. The public beta will have the full USA list of arcade songs playable (over 100 tracks!) and with the goal focusing on how well the game runs on many different types of devices, test network infrastructure as well as to test some-sort of unlock/progression system. The beta will release by the end of the month in all regions and will run until the full game is released via the App Stores which is of course, at a later date. Fan of customization? The team will be also looking into options that will let players decorate their font color, background designs and colors for their multiplayer info card and more. Players that gain access to the beta will be given the ability into a closed Facebook group to discuss feedback and any bugs that have been encountered.