DJMAX RESPECT is Releasing in North America and Europe (China and Japan too!)


DJMAX Respect was announced for PS4 last week for the Korean region, but is now planned for release in the United States and Europe, as well as China, Japan and other Asian regions developer Neowiz Games told Ruliweb in an interview. Distribution of the release is still up in the air worldwide. Thanks to raven777 on NeoGAF for a bit of translation!

The studio says that the title of the game is meant to pay “respect” to the creators of the original DJMAX game, as well as the fans who have been waiting awhile for a new entry in the series. The studio says that DJMAX Respect is going to be a PlayStation 4 title since it is meant to be the final chapter (in the series) so they wanted it on the latest hardware.

DJMAX Respect will feature over 100 songs which all DJMAX Portable and DJMAX Portable 2 tracks will be included. Songs from other games in the franchise like DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition, DJMax Portable Black Square, DJMAX Portable 3, DJMAX Technika, DJMAX Technika 2 and 3, DJMAX Ray, and DJMAX Hot Tunes will be released as downloadable content, but Neowiz is undecided how the tracks will be distributed.

They also want to globalize the franchise.