EDP in USA @ MEGACON ORLANDO & FAN EXPO DALLAS with guests Ryu☆, kors k, and kradness!


Finally, Japan has heard your voices! Ryu☆, kors k, and kradness will be performing in the upcoming weeks at MEGACON in Orlando, Florida and FAN EXPO in Dallas, Texas! Check out the details below:


This will be Ryu☆ and kradness’ debut in America, with kors k returning after having performed in the past at Attack The Music’s HARDCORE SYNERGY and even more in the past at Bowlmanifest!

A1 A2 A3


Finally, check out the two promo videos below for each event!



Yes, this is pretty short notice. We did not arrange this.

While the information in the promo video says “All Ages (Alcohol available)”, the final say on the matter will be up to each convention’s management. Do NOT bring drinks into the event unless it’s 100% certain that this is allowed.