Weekly BEnama News #132: SUPERFAST EDITION?! + BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 artist update!


Tonight’s BEnama finished in a record 17 minutes… HOW?! Well, tonight’s broadcast was scheduled to finish in 30 minutes due to the BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 Open Meeting being broadcast at almost the same time.

HOWEVER, tonight still had a handful of nice information and announcements. The first being the revival of all jubeat POLICY BREAKs and FLOOR INFECTIONs!


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.53.01 PM -08.36.58 -08.37.08

PLEASE NOTE that half of the songs are having their respective events from 5/19 – 6/1, and the other half is happening from 6/2 – 6/15. Be careful!


In addition, the jubeat Genesis Card set is also being revived for the event’s entire duration of 5/19 – 6/15, so get that JOMANDA while you can!



Pop’n Music eclale got a special new NET TAISEN event – “Extra Large Curry”! Can you handle the heat?! Try it out until 5/25:


In other eclale news…the OST’s jacket design has been revealed, along with the benefit of a special Clear Pop’n Music Card and ingame/online download serial code:

-08.42.10 -08.43.08


Next up, on a different broadcast, was the BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 (BRF16) Open Meeting featuring host Yuei, of BEMANI Backstage fame, plus guests wac, Special Guest Tanaka-san (role reversal from BEnama), and SECRET GUEST Nekomata Master!

First up, they announced 7 new amazing additions to the line-up including:

  • Des-ROW•GUMI Special
  • colors
  • Buta Otome
  • Hige Driver
  • Tokiwa Yuu
  • Tsuwa Hideo
  • Junjou Discord


But that’s not all! More artists will be announced soon!

In addition, the VIP Download Code benefits were revealed, including Rehearsal and Backstage Pictures, Setlists, an event review, and more photos:



And… that’s it! Tune in next time!