Weekly BEnama news #133: Sound Voltex, MUSECA, pop’n, BeatStream, IIDX, and more!!!


Good morning/evening/afternoon/etc! This week’s BEnama live news broadcast was hosted as usual by Tanaka-san from PR, joined by guest TAG!


The first order of business? The massive update bringing 10 new songs to Sound Voltex tomorrow, 5/26! The first song, Yooh’s “Destroy,” comes to us along with a new story chapter – Episode 13:


Next up, 5 KAC Original Song Contest winners:

  • Endless GRAVITY / kanone
  • 侍 Annihilate!! / QURELESS
  • relegation grimoire / tsuzu
  • ブチアゲドクター☆ハイテッコ三姉妹 / 溝口ゆうま feat. みこ♡なち♡あい
  • Apex of the World / uma&hurirai feat.ましろ


And finally, 4 songs from this past Reitaisai have been added into the game for all to enjoy:

  • GRISAILLE / SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi
  • CENSORED!! / t+pazolite
  • crescent moon / FELT
  • 恋繋エピローグ / Amateras Records feat.KUMI (ヲタみん)



Next up – the results of the BEMANI × pixiv Illustration Contest!


1st place in each SDVX, MUSECA, and pop’n music divisions received roughly $1,000 and an original e-Amusement Pass based on their work! The two runners-up earned about $500 each, as well as their original e-Amusement Passes! The winners are below, with each picture followed by the work’s title and artist’s name/profile:





1st place:『BEMANIコンテストボルテ』/おみっこ


2nd place:『じゃじゃ馬!野次馬!ついでにメシウマ!?元気印の報道ガール☆』/いつきり君


3rd place:『The Vortex of Vengeance』/Fu-mi.A





1st place:『ガンスリンガー天女』/亜門 新


2nd place:『BEMANIコンテスト』/スガヤヒロ


3rd place:『Noise.』/メカコ


pop’n music



1st place:『A枠応募』/城屋


2nd place:『【B】Melissa【ポップン公募】』/草菜


3rd place:『BEMANIコンテストポップン 【C】』/コンベ


The official/final characters re-drawn by the pop’n team will be revealed next week!



Next up, some MUSECA news! Love Touhou? Love MUSECA? Well lucky you, the same 4 Touhou arranges going to Sound Voltex will be added to the game tomorrow as well:


You can also earn 1 Touhou Grafica per week until 6/22! Just play the game 4 times and it’s yours!

-09.03.11 -09.04.12


Next up was a quick teaser and announcement of beatmania IIDX copula’s 2nd phase of the Mystery Line event! Starts tomorrow, 5/26!



A quick update in BeatStream will bring 3 new Nightmare charts as well as a new Partner!



Next up was a quick recap of the current standings for April’s SUKI Ranking. Be sure to vote for your favorite songs once per day!


-09.06.55 -09.07.40


-09.11.01 -09.11.42


Following that, Tanaka-san gave a quick notice that the official eAMUSEMENT App has been updated with polling length options, a // BLOCK // feature, and various bugfixes and enhancements:


Last up on the night’s agenda…the reveal of GITADORA Tri-Boost OST Vol.02’s full tracklist!

In other GITADORA news, the next Premium Encore has been released:

  • モフモフしたいの / 森野くま子



And that’s it! We’ll be back next week with more news!