DJMAX Encore announced for Nintendo 3DS?!


You’re not the only one surprised! According to ParallaxPlay, Rising Star Games has brought an upcoming release to their booth at London’s MCM Comic Con!



dJ_MaXEnCore_PP7-683x1024 dJ_MaXEnCore_PP6-1024x683


The game seems to borrow UI elements from various games in the series but mostly DJMAX Portable 2 and HotTunes. The game uses the entire top screen for BGA/video playing, while the game’s notes and details are displayed on the lower screen. It will use the Left/Up/Right and Y/X/A buttons to hit notes in 4/5/6 button modes. What the touchscreen is used for is currently unknown.

If you’re in London, GO CHECK IT OUT and let us know what you think! We’re hoping this will be available worldwide, as with the recently-announced DJMAX Respect!