Neon FM Public Beta Now Available for iOS and Android


The time has come for mobile Neon FM players as version 1.6.2 is now available for iOS and Android! The list of changes from the closed beta can be seen below:

-Added cache clearing functionality to debug screen in the event of a content distribution error on IOS.
-Added localization for several languages.
-Added optional first run calibration system for players on a clean install.
-Added improved on-screen controller.
-Added new song wheel scrolling system in song select.
-Added several new song effects.
-Added lifebars from arcade version to mobile.
-Added XP, level, and medal system for users.
-Added new underlying system for multiplayer support.

-Fix for score label text when not logged in displaying placeholder value.
-Fix for register link in login options not directing to the correct address.
-Fix for some issues pertaining to hold notes.
-Fix for one issue where scores for a user might not be posted if connection was interrupted.
-Fix for song chart fields not updating when songs switched.
-Fix for several miscellaneous UI display incorrect information issues.

Signup here:

Developer Unit-e wanted to let everyone know in the post:

“As we have new added features and effects, as well as reworking how some effects were rendered. It is possible some users will experience performance issues. Please let us know of any issues you experience, and we will work to resolve them as soon as able.” The Neon FM team wants you to report any bugs you may come across on the appropriate Facebook Beta page or through the “Report A Bug” function in the options menu in-game.

The official site has received a face lift as well, with the ability to login to your account, locate a machine, buy a machine, and more.