Weekly BEnama News #134 & BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 Open Meeting #2! – GITADORA, MUSECA, pop’n, and more!


This week’s BEnama was…




Actually, an hour before BEnama, the second BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 Open Meeting was streamed! It was hosted by BEMANI Backstage’s Yuei Uematsu, and wac! with the first broadcast.

The first order of business was a quick recap of the venue and some details on the event, but then…the 3rd, and most likely final, artist announcements!














  • 秋成
  • Atsumi Ueda
  • A応P
  • onoken
  • 小寺可南子
  • Jazzin’park
  • 鈴木友里絵
  • Traveling Fan Troop
  • 夏川陽子
  • NU-KO
  • Frances Maya
  • 星谷美友
  • m@sumi
  • mami
  • Yuei
  • rino

The support band (split into two) will feature many professional and renowned musicians:

  • Band A: 大和(Gt)、上田哲也(Ba)、吉澤ゆーじ(red glasses)(Key)、松尾啓史(Dr)
  • Band B: Seku(Gt)、森田悠介(Ba)、池尻喜子(Key)、山本真央樹(Dr)

With this final batch, that brings the full line-up to a massive 44+ performers, including…

2nd batch:

  • Des-ROW・組スペシアル
  • colors
  • 豚乙女
  • ヒゲドライバー
  • 常盤ゆう
  • すわひでお
  • 純情ディスコード

Original line-up:

  • 泉 陸奥彦
  • 96
  • Akhuta
  • PON
  • wac
  • ショッチョー
  • 劇団レコード
  • 村井聖夜
  • 猫叉Master
  • 肥塚良彦


Next up, the URL for pre-sale public tickets was revealed, which will be active from 6/3 at 18:00 to 6/5 at 23:59, Japan time: http://eplus.jp/bemani_off







The next (3rd) Open Meeting’s broadcast will reveal some of the goods and merchandise available at the event!

Finally, although it wasn’t announced on the stream, the SPECIAL SITE for the event was opened, which has a full lineup with more information:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.11.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.11.45 PM

One more site was also recently created – a special landing page featuring the works of the BRF16 performers: KONAMISTYLE × BEMANI ROCK FES ’16

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.04.43 PM

And now back to our regularly-scheduled BEnama!


This week, G.O.D. was a guest. That is, Guitarists On Demand, headed by Godspeed and YAMATO! 96 also joined the usual host, Tanaka-san! G.O.D. is a group of 12 professional guitarists and bassists who have had their songs featured in GITADORA TriBoost recently. Currently, a contest is running in which the winners can have a chance at getting into GITADORA:


After that, they mentioned this week’s ROCK WAVE Premium Encore, Graphic Melody:


Next up was MUSECA information, in which a special guest joined Tanaka-san by phone: Dory!

The 2nd MUSECA Original Song and Grafica Compe was based on the following kanji characters – all with their own theme, be in nature, metal, cyber, and many more:


The following 38 composers/vocalists will have their songs added to the game in future updates!


And… the following 43 artists will have their original Graficas added to the game as well! Some of them will be paired with winning songs:


4 of them were showcased on the stream:

-09.11.11 -09.12.01
















Next up in the MUSECA department was the reveal of the upcoming week’s Retaisai-Touhou-Graficas, Remillia and Flandre. Just play 4 games and they’re yours!


Next up was pop’n music info! For this segment… a wild wac and PON appeared?! As promised, the official designs for the winning BEMANI × pixiv Original Character Contest were revealed:

-09.21.19 -09.24.57 -09.28.23
Each song will be coming to pop’n music tomorrow, 6/2!

The night’s final game announcement was… PASTEL CHALLENGE?! It seems to be a new mission-mode-type unlocking system for REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA2, coming tomorrow, 6/2!



Following that, the final April SUKI Ranking results were revealed!


-09.36.46 -09.37.22 -09.37.40 -09.38.03 -09.38.50 -09.38.56 -09.39.19 -09.39.47 -09.40.14 -09.40.19 -09.40.46

SHAMDEL earned the top spot with “Mirage of the Mirror” … and gratefully provided some concept art as well as a full jacket illustration:


As with all other #1 songs, this can now be downloaded from Konami’s UTA.573 mobile content delivery site!



That’s it! We’re done! Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon, or evening! See you…