The Metal Head Developers of Double Kick Heroes Want your Feedback!



Headbangclub is a dev team of all metal fans and they’ve wanted to make a rhythm game about metal for far too long, according to Marketing and Community Manager, Yannick Elahee. They’re looking for players to play their upcoming game – Double Kick Heroes, and provide feedback that will help shape the final game. The game can be downloaded free via (Win/MAC), and all feedback can be given via the Reddit page where discussion has already begun or in the comment section below. The game has been Greenlit via Steam, and the developer has no further comment if a console or mobile version is planned for the future.

According to the official site:

You must survive on the highway to hell by killing zombies with your gundillac! Struggle throught the 4 levels of total madness and escape from this nightmare! Only the power of Black Metal can save your band!

When the yellow dot comes to the fret, play your kick drums by pressing left/right or Z/X to trigger the guns to destroy the zombie crowd before they reach you!”

Get ready to call out of work tomorrow with all the non-stop head banging you’ll be doing.