Riff Racer Has You Drifting and Spinning on A Race Track to Your Own Songs


We have recently came across a game that was new to us, but that seemed very familiar. No, not Audiosurf, but you’re in a car chasing down notes to your own songs. In Early Access on Steam, we came across Drive Any Track by FOAM Entertainment, where you can play any song from your computers library and bust out some car maneuvers on the track in the meantime. The game has gotten a name change after a year of Early Access and it’s now titled Riff Racer and it was just recently released via Steam. The game supports multiple file extensions like Mp3, OGG, FLAC and more, and also comes bundled with a few curated tracks by the FOAM team. The car models and styles are all insanely unique, a controller is now supported and now the environments and tracks have newly designed color schemes.

Have a new track not added yet to the game’s database? ‘Create’ your race track from a song and have your name enshrined on the track’s leaderboard. Ghost challenges are also available for each track so going head to head with friends is definitely a thing to do.