Weekly BEnama News #135: DDR update, Coconatsu Birthday, and more!


Welcome back to another installment of… BEnama! The timely and useful live communication broadcast for BEMANI news! This week, one of DDR’s founding fathers, U1-ASAMi, joined Tanaka-san to report on the latest DDR news!



The first Extra Stage system is “EXTRA SAVIOR”



There are 3 songs that are unlockable in this mode. The speed at which you unlock them is determined by how fast you fill your Extra Gauge, as well as the level of your Rinon companion. She seems to be leveled-up based on your results and Extra Gauge status:

-08.36.11 -08.36.22 -08.36.50 -08.37.04 -08.37.37 -08.38.28

In addition, the “normal” Extra stage system was given a name – “EXTRA EXCLUSIVE”
As the name suggests, these are Extra Stage-exclusive songs.

Currently, Sota’s New Century is the only song available, but very soon, perhaps tomorrow, a new song will be revealed!


-08.43.18 -08.43.38 -08.43.50 -08.44.09 -08.44.36


Next up…

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.01.04 PM



Hinabita’s EDM twin sisters duo, ここなつ, has their birthdays on 6/12, so a bunch of events across various BEmani games is planned.
Starting tomorrow in BeatStream, 4 songs will get Nightmare charts – unlockable in Beast Hacker! In addition, both characters will be available as Partners (aibou)




In jubeat, 4 Coconatsu songs will be made available for all to play in both Qubell and jubeat plus, once a day until 6/12:


In Qubell, the jbox returns with a Coconatsu Selection, until 6/30:



Continuing in the Coconatsu event, Sound Voltex will get 4 GRAVITY charts for existing Coconatsu songs, PLUS a brand new song on 6/12!

There are also Packet/Block bonuses of 5572 per day!! – Plus, even more if you play a Coconatsu song.

Also in SDVX news, the next PVC figure – RASIS-03 – will be coming to UFO catchers across Japan starting next week!


A quick preview was shown on camera:



Next up, MUSECA gets Reimu and Marisa Graficas in the 3rd week of the Touhou Reitaisai Continues event! As always, just 4 plays will get you both Graficas!:




Back to BeatStream for a quick moment, finally Course Mode is back! Clearing one of them will increase your Player Rank/Level!


And finally, in GITADORA, Jake in the Box, a 4-minute-long song, returns to the game in the Random Challenge:


In addition, while not announced on stream, DanceEvolution’s CHALLENGE15 was made available today – from jubeat, it’s Special One / kors k feat. Suzuyo Miyamoto:


That’s it! See you next time!