Harmonix Music VR E3 2016 Trailer Brings Us The Dance Experience


News surrounding the new VR title from our Boston friends at Harmonix has been scarce up until recently. Harmonix Music VR is now ready to show off it’s new world, ‘The Dance’ in an amazing E3 2016 trailer.

Harmonix Music VR brings your songs to life across 4 wildly different experiences. They’ve already revealed two: The Beach, a relaxing, surreal landscape with surprises, and The Easel, which allows you to create virtual 3D art that reacts to your music. The Dance is a brand new world for Harmonix Music VR that lets you to choreograph and set moves for your in-game characters. Once you’ve got your characters partying on the dance floor, you can go to town with a variety of objects at the DJ booth, as well as Giant Mode

Harmonix Music VR features 17 songs, including music from Harmonix’s own PlayStation cult-classic rhythm game Amplitude, 2014’s bullet-hell extravaganza A City Sleeps, and an entire album hand-crafted for Harmonix Music VR by Harmonix’s very own M-Cue. Oh yeah, Harmonix Music VR also works with your entire music collection! Simply plug in a USB drive in your PS4 loaded with your tracks to experience your music in virtual reality.

Harmonix Music VR, launching alongside PlayStation VR this October.